Museum Glass


Apr 21, 2004
San Rafael, CA
I need to get some Museum Glass but I don't have a supplier. I'm in the S.F. bay area and my regular supplier, Hankins Koppel, doesn't carry it. When I called they told me they could get some but it would take three weeks. Larsen Juhl won't sell to me because I don't have a retail store front. I've been in business for fourteen years and this whole LJ thing is getting frustrating. I can usually get what I need elsewhere but in this instance I'm stuck. Any suggestions?
If there are no other suppliers in your area, maybe you could buy some from another framer. I expect you might pay more, but you would be able to take care of your customer. Good luck.
We used to have a reciprocal arrangement with another local framer wherein we would charge each other a standard wholesale cost plus 10% (to cover the inconvenience).

We didn’t invoke it too often but whenever I or my competitor ran out of something we needed in a hurry and a distributor couldn’t supply it in time, it was a life saver (not to be confused with the POS software company).

Take El Framo’s suggestion and make nice with another retail framer. You might be able to help out each other in ways you cannot imagine.
Boy, I hear you on the frustration thing with LJ. Can you imagine that there actually are some people out there that think they shouldn't sell to JoAnn's or CraftMart, either