Museum Glass


True Grumbler
May 24, 2004
Needham, MA
Has anyone been having trouble with truvue museum glass? We ruined 2 lites of 32 x 40 because Truvue changed the instructions on the glass. It stated "score this side", although the instructions that came with the glass stated to score on the opposite side. Our other lites of museum glass state score other side!
Welcome to the "G".

Though I don't use a lot of Museum Glass I have never had a problem with it. I actually have some to cut soon so I will look out for it now.
Thanks for the heads up.
Have not seen any labelling problems on Museum. Have had a couple of packs of Con Clear where there were no printed words on the edge. Either way, score on the non-UV-coated side.
I haven't seen a lebeling issue, but definitely score as CAframer suggests. It seems to run off on me if I score on the UV side. (have done this by accident a few times, it's not pretty)

I thought I was the only one that did that.
I have run into some bizarre labeling on the TV coated glazing (e.g. west side, whatever THAT means) but not in epidemic proportions.

The scream of the carbide wheel against the WRONG side is truly one of the most unfortunate sounds in the world - in a fingernails-on-blackboard kinda way.
MY first case of Museum was labeled "score other side", on BOTH sides of the glass! That confused me for a while, as I had to keep flipping the pane of glass around and around and around....

Actually after three minutes of standing there doing that (did I mention that somedays I'sm slow on the uptake?) I just grabbed my mat blade and scratched the glass to find the coated side, then proceeded to score THAT side and hear the fingernails! (And then again somedays I'm REALLY slow on the uptake!)

Sometimes even doing it right you get it wrong.
I noticed the same thing.

It happened with two cases that I ordered at the same time. And from one case to the other, the labeling changed from 'this side' to 'other side'. Being the nit-pick-detail-freak that I am, it worked out fine. But I thought just how close it might have been had I not took the time to read very carefully.
Kinda like one of those little milk cartons that say, "Open other side" on both sides.

I think those were a test to see if you were smart-enough to move from second grade to third grade.
Unfortunately, both sides of the museum glass that we ruined could be scratched. Both lites were coated on both sides. Our other museum glass is coated on one side. Seems to be a quality control issue. I have tried to call truvue but no one answers.
I talked to the distributor and am awaiting confirmation that they will replace it or give me credit. I also got throught to voice mail at truvue and left a message but I haven't heard from them either. Thanks for the welcome!