Museum Glass Cost


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 23, 2002
Anyone know or care to share the distributors cost for Museum Glass?

I have to ask the question due to the drastic drop in our cost.

Tru-Vue likes suggest how much we markup - I wonder how much the manufacturer and distributors do.

It's no mystery what distributors approximately pay for molding (not including freight) and how many molding companies like to suggest buying chop and how to mark chop up.

I don't begrudge anyone from making a living, but it just seems as if the framer is the one that takes it in the #@$.

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We are a distributor of General Glass and carry the Mirogard Plus musuem glass. In all honesty, there is no money in distributing glass unless you are actually manufacturing it. After the cost of freight (no freiht companies even want to carry glass) and breakage, we hardly make anything on our glass. Sure there is a better mark up on specialty glass but its not even close to the mark up on moulding. I do know that Tru Vue has just dropped its distributor cost on its Museum Glass line.

I had a Glass distribution business in Ireland… the very best (max) a distributor may have 100% mark up on some glass…NOTE “some glass”…..but more realistically they would have a 20 to 50% mark up….and given the hazards, difficulties and breakage in distributing glass a distributor would work very hard to make a profit on it, I doubt very much if many make much of a profit on glass…..distribution of any sort (any industry) is a pain it a tough line of business to be in….and now a days it is very hard to make a profit……hence some of the consolidation in the Picture Framing Supply business in the US…and else where…be nice to the distributor you use…….they aren’t making BIG bucks they are most likely just getting by….regardless of who they are…..