Murdered over a frame



I hope it wasn't one of mine - I live in the town where this occured. Link is below.

"Ms. Olsen was enraged because she didn’t want him to keep the frame," State’s Attorney David Shepack said, while reading from Olsen’s written statement. "It pissed her off that he wouldn’t give it back. She told police ‘It was very clear in my mind that I wanted to kill him.’"
Hanna, you're safe. She didn't kill the framer.

Pewter frame......mmmmm ..... WalMart? Could she go back and please kill Wally while she still Pi$$ed?
Wonder if they will let her have the frame to keep in her cell?

Personally I think the woman needs some training in the social niceties of dating.

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This heinous act apparently happened in Litchfield, Connecticut, not our tranquil town of Litchfield, New Hampshire.

Here we don’t murder over picture frames, … we merely maim.
I hope someone will point out to her that it is not a great idea to use the same hammer to hang the picture.

That would be wrong.

BTW was it like a hard to get LaMarche, that would at least help give her a reason.
Aaaaawwe, come on people! Jeez, she didn't do it! AND YOU ALL KNOW IT!

She was framed. :D

just could not resist. saw it there for a whole day and nobody was going there. What a pane.