Multi opening & depth fabric mat

Baer Charlton

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
May 24, 2004
In response to an earlier thread asking how to do deep bevels for a fabric mat...

My universe provided a customer that not only needed a deep bevel, but one that transistioned into the backer.

And to make things more fun, they threw in a photo that needed to also go in the mat with a fillet.

So lets get started.

First lay-out and cut your top 4-ply mat.

Notice that the large opening is a regular bevel, while the bevel that will be getting the fillet is reversed.

Now this is where you can use commercial pre beveled Bevelboard from Garrett Moulding or you can cut your own bevels, and back bevel one end of the boards.

Apply ATG to the top of the beveled foamboard and starting with the back beveled end, place at the corner of the beveled opening.

Make sure that the bevels line up to each other, the entire length of the opening.

Prepare the next bevel board and insert the back bevel into the bevel of the other, lining up to match into the corner.

Continue on around the board in a pinwheel fashion. You can trim off the excess later.

Once you have the bevel done. Glue on the backer over the area that will get it. Rolled on adhesive is the best, so that you get a great bond where the bevel meets the backer.

Wrap the mat with fabric, paying very close attention to all the corner. Affix fillet, insert picture, sew down flag and you now get to wait for 4 days untill the frame arrives. :D
:D Superb lesson, Baer. So, when is our next session? how often can we expect them? The illustrations are wonderful for us visual learners
Bravissimo, Baer! Questions:

1. What is a 'back bevel'?
2. Do you need to 45 degree angle the bevelboard for the corners?
3. When you say 'bevelboard', that is just the strip I see?
4. Your fabric - is that a continuous piece going down from the deep bevel? (behind the flag area, from side to side) If so, is that what a vacuum press does for you?.
5. Are you adding foamboard strips to compensate for the bevelboard height around the outer perimeter?

So many questions - so much time... Thanks!
Nice work, Baer. Please add a photo of the fully framed work when it is completed. My question for you is whether you use adhesive on the front side of the mat or only on the back side (to affix the fabric to the matboard)?

re; deaconsbench

A back bevel is a bevel facing the other direction, i.e. the fat side is facing you and the thin side is away from you.
that sounds like a reverse bevel... his remarks include a bevel, a reverse bevel, and a back bevel. I'm just curious as to the 'back bevel'.
Deacon, the "reverse bevel is the bevel that is cut so it marries up to the bevel it opposes (see photo 4). The "new" bevelboard being inserted has the "reverse' bevel to match the bevel of the bevelboard already in place.

Doctah, yes there is Franks Fabric adhesive rolled onto all of the facing surfaces, deep well, up the bevels [foam and 4ply] and across the face of the 4-ply mat.

The fabric is layed and worked by hand and with Frank's Corner Tool tm. No vacuum press was used.
If the adhesive drys to quickly and you get a bubble or areas that are not adhering well, a dry iron makes short work.

And finally fill in any void areas with foamcore so you get a full and even package.

The "bow" in the frame was because I was using the extreme w i d e angle.... :D

detail on the corner encrustians

Baer... Fantastic job! Thanks for the class!

Can you tell us what you charged for that particular job?

Magnolia: The frame is from Sterling Frame The MSRP is $36/ft. The frame "stock" is about 2" deep and for 50% upcharge can go another 4". Same with the baseball frame. (682-BB)

Janet L: Was VERY happy to have you in the class. :D

Matoaka... All in all $587