moving Lifesaver files from one computer to another


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Dec 11, 2001
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We cancelled the internet in the store and now have only broadband at home. Here's the question:

I want to update my Lifesaver--which I haven't done in like FOREVER--on my home computer then take them to the store computer and install.

Isn't it as simple as burning the info onto a CD on the home computer--or some other transportable device like a flash key--then reinstalling in the store coputer?

Dont want crshes and screw ups so any help/advice would be appreciated.

Mike Labbe

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Jun 25, 2002
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It's a simple matter, just like you said, of burning the files found HERE to a cd or zip drive.

Grab the single file 3.06 download (install_3060_update.exe).
(if current version is below 2.07.8, you'll need to install 2.07.8 first)

If you have a Wizard CMC, grab the CMC templates file (install_wizard_images.exe)

Grab the Moulding general update single file (

Grab the Mat general update single file (

Grab any vendor specific updates you need since 0903

Burn all these to a zip, dvd, or cd.


Bring it to the shop, exit the program, do a COMPLETE BACKUP of c:\lifesaver\ (to another folder, or to an external device)

Run the software installer, which loads the program when done

go to moulding maintenance -> install from disk

go to mat maintenance -> install from disk

install any other update files in the same manner.

Run the Wizard images installer, if needed

that's it. (it's not as bad as it sounds)

Of course, if you have an internet account at home that can also be borrowed at the shop it's just one click on the UPDATE button to do all of the above transparently.
With a dialup, it will probably take about 30-60 minutes to get it all. I know several shops that do exactly as you suggested, and bring the disk in to work.


PS: Be on the lookout for the new version, which I believe they're releasing very soon. You'll love the new features and improved screens/shortcuts. We're running a pre-release beta and love it.