Mounting wavy Latin diploma


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Jan 7, 2005
Customer brought in a couple of frames this morning. One is a 15 X 20 college diploma (really neat cause it is all in Latin). It is not matted. The frame is 15 X 20. The paper is all wavy (worse than a Ruffles potato chip). She has a matching diploma at home framed the same way...but it isn't wavy. She wants me to "mount" it so it's not wavy. The PROBLEM: She is military & is moving next week, so we don't have time to sell her on two new frames for both diplomas with a mat, etc, etc. But even then, is there a solution to this wavy paper? Or should I just tell her to wait until she makes it to Maryland and find a framer there? I hate to turn people away (even if there's not much money to be made & she's moving, so there will be no reapeat business. What do you think?
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caution do not drymount , even with Artcare Restore if it is real sheep skin.
If you put Vellum in a heat press it will fry like bacon. It smells good, looks terrible.

Perfect Mount from Crescent would be better.

3M ProSpray if you have any around.
Perfect mount is a great suggestion. Problem is, it has to be completed by Monday. So that's out. ProSpray is more do-able. Thanks for all the help everyone.
I would cheerfully send her off to Maryland to torment some poor framer with these things.

But that's just me.

Do you know what kind of material you have there?
Or you could tell her that since it's all in Latin, she needs to take it to Latin America. They'll know just what to do!
The Latin inscription almost certainly says, "Do not expose this document to heat, moisture or excessive pressure."

Attorneys LOVE Latin inscriptions.
Mecianne, I agree with Ron.

Tell her to hold off until she gets to Maryland. I suspect she will be in search of a frame shop early after unpacking belongings, anyway.

After all, she is going to be replacing glass on at least one pic, if not lots after seeing with what boxes movers played "Monkey in the Middle." Not trying to be cynical, just reality.

Of course, at this point, you've probably already completed the job for her. Maybe just make sure she has a copy of the work order, so she has that for the claims paperwork up front.