Mounting watercolor

Jay H

PFG, Picture Framing God
Dec 8, 2003
I have this watercolor that is on that real thick paper. 250# or better. To mount this I was thinking about using a sink mat. The only thing is that she only wants to shrink wrap it. (sigh) I hate shrink wrapping mats because it ruins the edges and tips of the matboard. To prevent this I make the backing slightly bigger than the mat. However adding a sink mat into this mess might cause some alignment issues. Do you think it would be ok to atg the backing to the sink and the sink to the mat even though it will be (hopefully)taken apart and framed properly someday?

My last supplies order got screwed up and I ended up with ART SAVER LITES. I didn't even know these existed however if I had the regular ART SAVERS would they possibly work on paper this thick? Thanks friends!