Mounting Velvet


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
May 31, 2004
I'm mounting velvet to foam core for jewelry display, and it does have to be mounted in some way - not just wrapped around and attached on verso side.

-Will heat press crush the nap?
-Or should I best use wet mount technique?
-Or spray mount(probably not strong-enough bond)

Wish I payed attention in home ec. all those decades ago...Is velvet a natural fiber or is it synthetic? Silver jewelry will be placed on it and if it's natural fiber, it might be a sulfer doner and we don't want that next to silver, now do we? Thanks
I am not sure about the best way to mount it, but, I do know that it will stretch over time and look bad if you just attach on the verso side.

I have redone many home made shadow boxes for people that the velvet had become very very loose.

Good Luck!
Yes, the heat press will crush the nap.

Yes, velvet is 100% synthetic. (Silk velvet runs several hundred dollars a yard so I'm assuming that's not what you're using.)

Velveteen is 100% cotton. Unlike velvet,it can be washed and thrown in the dryer without damage. It's easy to tell the difference: velveteen is heavier; doesn't have the sheen of velvet; and doesn't drape as nicely.

And THAT may be the solution to your problem - don't stretch the velvet at all. Drape it over the backing board with some swoops and pleats held in place by a stitch or two.

The whole point of velvet is the way it changes and shimmers when light hits it from different angles. You could even enhance this effect by adding some foam core lifts under the drape so that the jewelry could be attached at several levels.

Obviously, my preference is for display that looks accidental, like the jewelry was just dropped there, rather than having it stretched out and sewn down symetrically.

Good luck with your project.

Froptop, I think I understand the boards you're making.

Velvet looks nicer, but velveteen is a little more durable and will put up with more of the "pin sticking".

I think I would find some "Foam" boards from a craft shop instead of foam-core. The paper shell is going to self destruct pretty quick where the foam will do fine.

mounting: Frank's Frabric adhesive. 1-888-332-2749. Roll thin and smooth. Let sit for a minute then lay down the fabric.

Lay from one end and drop as you go down the board. GENTLY smooth out the wrinkles by lifting and reseting with a sweeping smooth-out with your hand.

Once it is all down and flat, SOFTLY smooth out the fabric so that it is ALL making contact. Leave to dry. Turn excess and glue to back.
Thanks to all

especially Baer, yes you unstood exactly what I was getting at