Mounting Terms

Lisa in New Jersey

CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
May 26, 2006
Jamesburg NJ
so this shop I just started working in defines "floating" as art either ATG-ed, glued, or hinged directly onto matboard
I was taught that term was called "top mounting" and "floating" was adhering the art to foamboard before mounting it onto matboard as to have the art literally appear as floating off of the matboard. So here again, I am re-learning terms according to their definitions, sometimes this confuses customers, as I have to explain and/or show them exactly how this would look.
It also confuses new hires that I am responsible for training!
OK! So I can assume that Floating IS simply mounting art with the edges revealed whether or not it's raised or directly adhered to the mat!

ATG-ing art to the matboard would be defined as a 'temporary float' or a "Titanic float' or possibly a 'float, then sink' since the ATG is likely to release at some point.
Paul, "double-float"? I thought that was a "retained constraint float"?

Just pulling Lisa's chain.

"Float" is anytime they art is mounted to expose the entire edge of said art.

Even when you float it on a board with an edge of the colored board showing to create a bite of "framing" before you space that mat and float it above the final background mat.
I thought a float was a carbonated beverage with a scoop of ice cream in it. One would consume this over a holiday weekend after hinge mounting a piece of artwork, with its edges exposed, to the surface of a 4-ply conservation board using pass-thru hinges.
:cool: Rick
Have a good holiday weekend.
Come on Nona, we all know that glass sinks....

unless it was blown into those cute round balls... :D