Mounting silk scarf evenly


Grumbler in Training
Nov 13, 2005
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
I am presently trying to stretch a large silk scarf (40 x 40) with a greek key geometric design right next to the edge. Any ideas on how to stretch it evenly so I can get a true straight edge where the graphic design is so close to the edge.
I have been stretching scarves for several years and I pin them to Acid Free Foamcore. I start at the center of each side, top and bottome and work out toward the corners. You can adjust the tension to adjust your line.

Make sure you use stainless steel pins!

Good Luck.

If you are planning to show the edges, here's a trick we use. Cut a dummy mat with an opening the size of the scarf. Lay the mat down onto the acid free foam board to use as a straight edge guide. Works like a charm.