Mounting Question


True Grumbler
Apr 8, 2002
I need to frame a print with rough cut edges, the customer wants the edge of the print to show. How do I mount the print to the face of the first mat?
Hinge it!
If I hinge it at the top will it curl at the bottom without a mat holding it down?
It's possible. With the changes of barometric pressure, humidity, and tempature used on the curling iron....

ok, I was kidding about the iron..

usually the print will hang out straight. But with the events of weather and where it is hung..

You will experience what some like to explain "the aliveness" [sorry cpt english], of the print.

Paper isn't "alive" but it does react, same as a board... with changes of humidity, the moisture content of the print or board will increase or decrease resulting in swelling or shrinkage. Usually it is very small in a print, and then again it can be quit dramatic in something like handmade paper that is as thick as 12-ply but with only half the densitiy.

If the paper is hardface rolled and shelled (usual for posters and highspeed printing) then the you can expect the changes to be less than noticable.

Use the search button under the United banner.. Hugh Phibs has posted some excellent stuff on hinges. As well as links to his excellent articles in the annual preservation issues.
Hinges that pass through the back mat or are folded with cross pieces can be placed on the
top and sides of the sheet. Hinges on the bottom
edge can tear the back of the sheet if the frame
comes off the wall and that risk is greater than
contact of the edge of the sheet with the glazing.
That risk can be mitigated by using acrylic sheet
in place of glass, since acrylic has better thermal characteristics.