Mounting Parchment


Grumbler in Training
Mar 27, 2004
I'm new to the computer and a new framer also!
Need a little help framing a diploma made of parchment. I know enough to NOT dry mount it, but I swear this thing has a mind of its own. I"m makeing a shadow box with a motar board and tassle, a photo and the blasted diploma! any suggestions?
Oh! And as for weird things framed, I was asked to frame an antique bra!
Now THAT'S a new one!! What criteria designates when a bra becomes an antique??

Did it have a "Cross Thy Heart" tag on it or what??

Momdude, I suggest doing a search for "Parchment" on the main Grumble forum as this topic has had a lot of discussion.

Framerguy, perhaps this link may prove useful for your kwestion: LINK
Thanks Lance, for dredging that one back up again!!

I did notice that the finished photos have been mysteriously removed from the tail end of that thread. That framing project couldn't have been any more horrendous than the much circulated photo of Jerry in the supine position sans clothing or the red dyed iceberg!!

Keep up this clandestine censoring and I will be forced to repost that framing project in all its glory!

wow i miissed that post, that is pretty funny. tom you had to be joking with that one. i want to see the photo
No joke, dns, this was a serious framing job that consumed months of my waking hours. It had an impact on the framing world that will last for years.

Ya really want to see it, doncha?? Really, really want a little peek, eh?

OK, here is a little peak:


More than that, ya gotta pay for it!!