Mounting on Wood


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Mar 26, 2003
Alberta CANADA
The Framing Nook
Anybody know of a thread on mounting pictures on 1" thick slabs of wood with bark still on the edges- ya know that old style of mounting pics.

A customer is asking me to do some foir her but I never have done it before. Any ideas?

Tell her to forgetaboutit. We have a complete cabinet making shop with the necessary machines (thickness planer and thickness sander) and we'd have a hard time mounting the pictures. The mounting and finishing would be a snap (you'd need to finish with wate based lacquer). The big problem would be getting the blanks. With bark still on the edges, you'd need cross sections of a tree whose diameter roughly matches the photos.

Once you get the tree, you need to cut the cross sections from the bole about 5/4's (five quarters in the jargon) thick, either kiln dry them or air dry for about three months for cedar, the wood of choice. After the blanks are dry, sand the faces smooth and parallel with a thickness sander and mount the pictures in a vacum press. Coat with lacquer and Bob's you uncle. This process is something you could do in a production environment; I don't see how you could do it in a one off situation. If there were a source for the blanks, you'd be in fat city. Warren