Mounting on Linen to preserve???


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Jul 9, 2001
Skaneateles,NY USA
I had a customer ask me about mounting a 1909 print onto linen to preserve it from tearing more. I couldn't find that process in any of my books - He looked at me like I was nuts when I said I would research it before I gave a recommendation. He didn't want to spend much money, so anything I thought would be appropriate to preserve, he turned it down

Any help or info is appreciated - searched the archives and got nothing, but would like to know what he's talking about. He said he got the info from a place in NYC that does this all the time


This is a job for a conservator who is familiar with mounting antique posters for the antique poster trade.

Depending on the individuals, prices will start @ $125 and up. Not exactly an inexpensive way to go.
A poster can be mounted to linen, but if its a print it would need to be lined with Japanese papers. The first can be done for a lot less than the second, but in either event it is better outsourced to a pro.
If the piece is tearing easily, there is probably more needed than mounting or lining. The paper probably needs to be deacidified to keep in check the oxidation.
Maybe the most practical thing to do would be to mount it to artcare restore.
We have been seeing very large "antique" posters, that approximate the size of a "2-sheet" poster of the late 1800s & early 1900s. And they are all preservation mounted on achival linen.

These have been "scored" at an antique "auction" with the "appraised" value typed in and "lowest bid" value written in pencil below . . . .
Of course the customer says that they scored the piece for only $1,600 instead of the lowest bid 1,800....

On close examination, the registry marks are those of a high-speed offset press. And of them, was so poorly mounted with standard drymount film, that as we started to stretch it over stretchers as she wanted (no frame) the linen began to seperate from the film which was lifting from the linen . . . . :eek:

I'm not saying they are forgeries. I'm not saying the customer has been ripped off . . . .

But why do they bug their eyes out when I tell them that their "fine art score" 4'x 7' poster can't be framed for less than $600 and realistic, they are looking at $1,200.

No mame, a neilson #15 would work.