mounting odd shaped puzzle


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
May 27, 2003
Watertown, SD
Have any of you framed a puzzle that has no edges ? I have one that is 19 x 27 and shaped like dogs. I don't have a vacumm press and wonder what is the best way to adher the puzzle to the back mat for framing. Thanks for any tips. Sharon
A very thin coat of white glue to the back of the puzzle. Mount to mat board rather than foam core for less warpage. Weigh down with a piece of plate glass over night(a lite of glass is not enough weight).
I like the mat board idea, however, I'm thinking that a puzzle that large might need additional rigidity. I would consider dry mounting (or even gluing) a piece of fome core to the back of the mat board.
But, you knew that already, right? ;)

edie the justtryingtokeepwarm goddess
Thanks Goddess: Yes I will have to reinforce the whole project with foam core. This is the second puzzle like this I have done. The first was a dragon and quite large. This was done a little over a year ago and I have not heard there is a problem. Knock on wood. They are interesting projects to say the least.
You can 'tart them up' a little bit and make a little extra money, by using two mat boards of different colors to make a 'horizon line'. The customers seem to like it a lot, and it sets you apart from the guys that just want to stick it to a neutral board....
Thanks Ellen for the tip. It would not only tart it up and little and set me apart, but I could probably use 2 1/2 sheet of instock mat and not have to order a full sheet which would look good for profits and get rid of a little inventory that is laying around the back room. My customer doesn't care what I do, just said do it, so I guess I can try this. Sound like it could look really good.
I have heard framers say they wouldn't frame puzzles. Why not? We have one young lady who does puzzles with her daughter and then has them framed to give away as presents. She consistently spends $200-300 on each puzzle. So "tart it up" ~ if they like it, there will probably be more.
It seems that most puzzle framers are looking for cheap, cheap, cheap - but not all.