Mounting Military Medals

Alexandras one and only

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Nov 23, 2005
Alexandra,South Island, New Zealand
Here I am lost in the back country of New Zealand, no picture framers to talk to! I am having problems mounting military medals, they have to be removable as they are taken out of there frames once a year for Anzaz, I have tried 4 or 5 different methods but none look any good, any ideas out there? Help would be much app
As far as mounting the ribbons and medals (design considerations aside), there are two type that we regularly encounter.

The “ribbon/shield” type with pins – just puncture the mat board with the pins and reapply the clasps from the back.

The other type – cut a thin slot slightly less than the width of the pin into the mat board. Loop a piece of fabric, tough paper or tape through the slot so that the doubled end is facing outward.


Run the pin through the doubled end, pull the fabric, paper, tape (whatever) tightly from the back and secure it to the back of the mat board with tape. Theoretically, the medal can be removed and repositioned later by undoing the clasp of the medal (as long as the doubled end doesn’t slip through the slot).

We have recently begun to use a product called EZ-Tach which makes mounting go a whole lot quicker. But in order to remove the medals, you have to essentially destroy the mounts, so one cannot consider that to be a good method for your purposes.
Great minds think alike, eh? Bill's suggestion is what I was trying to describe in the other thread, using clear film to make the loop. I suggest clear film because it is stiff enough to retain its shape, plenty strong, and durable enough to endure repeated mounts/unmounts of the medal's pin-back.
I recommend linen hinge tape doubled over and inserted from the back through a slot in the backing. The slot should be wide/long enough for the mounting pin to fit into. This will keep the medal straight and make it lay flat against the backing. All completely removable.