Mounting methods for CD's needed


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
I have a huge, rush project which entails 6 cd's in a shadowbox-type frame package - with lots of depth and different levels happening.

Any suggestions on what to use to mount these cd's? they will be on a circular piece of matboard that will be slightly larger than the cd itself so the color appears around the edges... Then they will be built up with foamcore behind.

This piece has to travel (hand carry) to its recipient and needs to be sturdy for that as well as for a long life being displayed in a corporate environment. If it was going in a customer's trunk and home to be hung I wouldn't be so concerned..


There are adhesive backed centers for CD packaging available. If you can not find them, take a clear CD case and trim off the excess to hide it behind the CD. This "mount" can be glued to a backing. Sand the trimmed edge to prevent scratches to the CD read face.
I use the centers of CD jewel cases. Very inexpencive and gluable. after I put the on the CD i put a smal round piece of black mat into the hole that forms the "claws" to keep them firmly pushed out wards so the CD will not fall off.
You could take small squares of mat board and
stitch them through the back mat, with the strands
near the edges of the hole in the CD to stabilize
it. A larger piece of board could be glued to the
stitched piece, to hide the stitches.

Hi Roz,

American Specialty Adhesive Products (ASAP Tapes) carries CD SuperCenters and CD Foam SuperStuds. I beleive they sell them in 50 peice packages to the framing industry. You can reach them toll free @ 1-888-355-8214 and ask for Neil or Michelle. Great company to deal with!!!!

Daniel Cochrane