Mounting manual mat cutter on angle?

Sarah Winchester

CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Nov 6, 2004
In my shop there's an old Fletcher manual mat cutter, for cutting foamboard, squaring mats, etc. I have a CMC. The manual is horizontal on a table, takes up alot of room. I'd like to wall-mount it at about a 75 degree angle. Any reason why that wouldn't work? Thanks for your imput.
Get an Esterly. There is one for sale in an earlier thread from today.

I'd be concerned about the mat board curling down onto you, it slipping, and getting a decent cut.

The Esterly is built for the wall, so the issues have been addressed, and have someone else to provide tech support!

Just like the Morsos that are retrofitted to be wall mounted I think wall mounting a countertop mat cutter will be rife with headaches!
Oops misunderstood your intentions! If you want a wall cutter get a wall cutter. the 3000 is great and will do what you are wanting the mat cutter to do (squaring blanks and cutting fome)

If you have a wall cutter, sell the fletcher to a fledgling frameshop and live without it! Or give matcutting classes with it either in your shop or at the local adult ed.
we got rid of the compuiter mat cutter and went back to the manual mat cutter. Liked it a lot better.
personal preference. anyhow we tried to put the mat cutter up on the bench that the mat cutter came with and here is what we found almost straight away. It was a lot more difficult to control things. The blade was always falling down and the mat was harder to get in place and it became increasingly difficult to reach up to the highest point. Not an issue on the table lying flat.
Fortunately I have the room so we are back to being happy campers.
Shaving 5 seconds here or even 5 minutes there is not an issue for us..Should it ever become one then I will close my doors. I want always to remain a small busn. Truth is I would like for it to be a bit larger than what we now are operating at, but I pray I never see the day when I am worried about time limits to the poiint of having to run time studies etc.