mounting laminated poster


True Grumbler
May 18, 2004
Southern California
I used vac-u-mount adhesive to mount a 24x36" poster to foam core. I gave the back of the poster a toothy surface by sanding horizontally and vertically as well as the foam core and it has some bubbles in it! I left it in the press for 5 minutes. I gave the poster 2 coats of spray in both directions. The back of the can says suitable for plastic. The customer has not yet come to pick it up. Is YES paste my only salvation at this point?
Using a T pin and working from the BACK side, make a hole through the foam core where the bubbles are. Be careful not to poke the pin through the poster.

Put the piece back in the press.

Sometimes this works.

(It doesn't hurt to sacrifice a Snickers Bar to the Frame Gods. It doesn't help, either, but it will make you feel better.)

It sounds like the basic problem of adhering two surfaces, one being porous and the other being nonporous. Most adhesives work most effectively bonding like surfaces together. I'm not too versed on the subject of adhesion, but I'm supposing it would have to do with the porous surface absorbing the agent that strengthens the bond perhaps, or simply absorbing too much of the adhesive's moisture? Someone else undoubtably will explain the physics better, but it would seem to me that if you're using a glue that said that it's good for plastic, I'd mount a laminated poster onto a plastic substrate, like Kapa-Bloc.