Mounting laminated photos

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
This must be a new trend.....someone snaps action shots of your child playing his favorite sport, groups several shots with the childs name onto a 12 x 18 'poster' then laminates.

I just received some to frame "without glass". They are loosely curled from the infamous tube. Smooth lamination is on the back, textured on the front. Lamination is stiff.

If these were merely atg'd to foamcore, wouldn't they buckle/warp over time? PMA = can't be rubbed because of the textured laminate. Would drymount 'disturb' the current lamination due to the heat? Or go to 'Quick Stik High Tack Foamboard' and pressurize overnight?

I did a search 'cause I thought this had been covered but it says nothing found.

I don't like to put those in the heat press. Sometimes it will affect the surface of the laminate. (Trust me on that.)

For that size, Crescent Perfect mount on fome or 3X board, or 3M #77 spray adhesive.

It gets dicey when they're bigger - like 48"x60."
I never gave 3M #77 spray a thought......guess I didn't imagine a bond to the laminate.

Thanks Ron for the suggestion(s)!
Rub the verso with Lighter Fluid (or UnSeal) to get rid of excess oils, then very lightly "scuff" the back with fine sandpaper to give it "tooth".

Then PMA will adhere fairly well.
Sorry Ron, but #77 isn't permanent and never was.
It also can't penetrat the vinyl barrier for a mechanical bond so it is relying on a sticky that fades with time and a suction bond that fades with time and off-gassing.

This is the reason for that 20 year old container of Yes paste.

As Bill says, clean the verso/back and LIGHTLY sand with 180 or 150 grit sandpaper wrapped around a block to maintain flat surface. Then mount with Yes past and cold press.

In the race to embrace the new and shiney, we sometimes forget the tried and true of yore.

New and shiney? 77 spray?

I believe you, Baer, but I'm surprised that the Yes paste would penetrate the laminate any better than the 77 spray.

Give it a try, Sherry, and report back in 20 years.

I'll be standing by.
Yes paste works equally well as 77 spray for killing spiders - it just isn't as much fun.

Either way, the spiders stay dead for 20 years.