mounting heavy paper on fabric


May 23, 2004
san miguel de allende mexico
this will be my first project of this type. it's a diptych on 2 sheets of large paper(each sheet about 30" x 40") to be float mounted on covered masonite behind plexi with spsacers. how should i mount the paper to the muslin backing? please help!
Hinges made of Japanese tissue and vegetable
starch are strong enough to hold sheets that
large and they will adhere to both the paper and
the muslin. They should be attached to the paper,
first and should be hand dried with desiccated
blotting paper. When they are dry, the sheets
should be positioned on the muslin and strips of
Mylar should be set under the edges of the paper
and weighted, in place. Paste can be applied to the hinges and they folded under the Mylar. This
should be given plenty of time to dry. Finally
the Mylar strips are pulled out, before framing.
The wood based support is not a good choice and
it should be replaced with ragboard adhered to
a foam centered board or acid-free corrugated

can be
You might find it much easier and certainly more secure to do slit hinges or "S" hinges through slits in your backing. You should also have some loose hinges at the bottom of the art to prevent the top hinges from peeling off when some idiot turns the frame sideways or upside down. (this is the most common way hinges fail). Check out the hinging instruction tips on the frametek web pages under the pull-down menu "free info". It describes 2 ways of float hinging that go a step further than just "V" hinges at the top.