Mounting Fuji Crystal Achive prints


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jun 21, 1999
Mohnton, PA
I've done a search but come up empty handed on mounting these photos. I usually dry mount but these look like they're made to get orange peel.
Mylar corner mounts are my other option but they will show slightly in the corners of the mat.

The one thing I did find in the archive was about Super Smooth and Perfect Mount; are they still available? I didn't see them in the Larson catalog.

Thank you,
Ruth -
Fuji Crystal Archive Paper is standard RA-4 chemically processed Resin Coated photo paper.
Just make sure both the photo and the substrate that you are mounting on are dry by drying in your heatmount press prior to drymounting. As you know, the newer tissues and adhesive mounting boards use lower temperatures & shorter dwell times. So as long as you use proper techniques, you shouldn't have any problems.