Mounting fringe

Suggestions for mounting 10 inches of fringe at the top and bottom of tapestry.
We did a rug with fringe years ago and the fringe had to be splayed horizontally.:shutup:
This was a little different and for a Plexiglas box.
Didn't want to have to sew all the fringe down so we made plexi panels with shaped edges and flame polished.
The plexi strips were then tied down with nearly invisible thread.

Using tulle to hold the fringe is a good way to go also.
You can also poke the fringe thru the backing if the customer is O.K. with that look.
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I've framed a few small rugs with fringe. I cut an opening in the backing (matboard over foamcore) and sink the rug into that. I then arrange the fringe on top of the matboard and frame with an acrylic direct overlay. The acrylic holds the fringe in place. Never had an issue.