Mounting Fishing line


True Grumbler
Apr 8, 2002
I need to mount a Mepps spinner (fishing lure) with some mono-filament line. The lure is no problem, any ideas on how to hold the line to the mat. He would like to have the line run along the print. The line is a clear filament type and I do not want the glue to stain the mat.
Ctc are you now are have you ever been a needleworker? If so you should know a stitching technique that framers use all the time"COUCHING".
Couching was originally intened (I think) to do just what you are describeing . You lay a heavier fiber on the surface and then make small close loops around the fiber to secure it in place.We here have used this to lay a fiber called "Japan Gold" .If you use thin enough material(thread) to secure the laying fiber and if you run your stitching needle ,virtualy under the fiber being couched and do so snuggly it is all but invisible.
Therefore I suggest you find some of the stuff needleworkers call "Invisible thread"(actually a very very fine monofilament fiber)and COUCH your Monofilament in place ,by pierceing very tiny holes where the Mono wil lie and run your loops from onr hole to the next and secureing it at the ends under the mat.It is the best method I can think of but it is labor intensive and very exacting work,but if done properly nothing is safer or better.,and with the exception of the holes you pierce in the mat TOTALY REVERSABLE.
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Couldn't you just run the line around the edge of the mat and tape it to the back? Or am I missing something here? Terry