Mounting charges

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
I have no problem coming up with charges for drymounts, wetmounts, floatmounts. I have doubts when it comes to standard preservation mounts, such as using mounting strips, mounting corners, or specialized hinging techniques, or use of the not-so-cheap stainless steel staples.

Typically I have just added "a pinch" to the fitting charge because in my head, these are not outrageous costs. Something tells me I could do better.

How do you itemize such, or do you generalize the fee under a key like "Preservation techniques"...and if so, what other services does that cover??
Hi Sherry!
I charge $2.00 everytime, I use a mylar product(corners, strips etc.)
For specialized hinging, I use my floatmount charge.
I'm surprised to see only one response. Is that because:
1)it's been covered many times over?
2)most framers don't think of adding for such items?
3)I should get out the calculator and timer and figure it out for myself?
4)it's a dumb question! (though I've heard there are NO dumb questions)
5)everyone else charages $2.00 every time and there's no more to add!
6)no one wants to talk about charges any more!!
7)no one's given it a thought
8)I should chose a different perfume!
Oops, I clicked 'add reply' before I was ready.
How about choose, rather than chose!

Also, I was going to add a cute graemlin after each above thought, but when I click on 'Instant Graemlins' nothing happens! Are they sick today?