Mounting Board


Grumbler in Training
May 11, 2004
I need to mount several large color photographs. Some of the photos are traditional color photos and some are ink jet prints. I'm considering using either Hartlite Acid Free foamboard or Crescent Acid Free White Mounting Board. I would welcome any advice on which board to use.
Here are 2 that I finished today for a local photographer. He doesn't use mats or glass so I had to mount and laminate both photos. The photos are dark as I didn't take the time to take them into PhotoShop and doctor them. I forgot to use the flash, sorry.<center>



The first one is 30x40 and the beach wedding photo is 20x30. I mounted both on 3/16" Artcare foamboard and laminated them with Seal Matte laminate. Both procedures were done in a vacuum press.

Most of the photographers down here don't want any mats or other adornments "cluttering" (detracting) from their photography. That's OK with me. The frames that they are using are easy to work with and bring in enough money with a minimum of labor for me.

Of interest is the wedding photo, the bride and groom are on the far right of the photo. He had just gotten out of the hospital from a major automobile accident involving, again, a drunken driver. He lost both of his legs. The photographer told me that he couldn't get the guy to smile more than what you see in the photo. I can understand why.

I have to admire his fiance though, she stuck with him and didn't let this horrible accident affect her feelings for him. That should go far in bringing him back to somewhat of a normal life after the healing is completed.


P.S. The top photo is a sepia-tone taken with a large format camera, the bottom one is a digital.

That is a really nice rustic finished moulding that is distributed by Framing Suppliers out of Pelham, AL, (800-822-3467). It comes in 3 sizes and 2 finishes and is one of my most popular samples for beach photography and coastal prints. It has a mottled tan, gray, off white beachy looking finish that goes very well with some of the types of images that I am getting in my shop.

It has a good price point and they deliver here in FWB every Wednesday so I can get easy delivery of whatever I need.