Mounting belt buckle


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
May 31, 2004
I'm a relatively new framer and need to mount a belt buckle. The buckle is an oval metal backing with a scrimshaw ivory looking front. There are no openings or attachments available to attach to. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you!

How was the buckel attached to the belt?
Since the back has been ground down, I agree that silicone is the answer. Silicone has been give a bad name because of possible damage to the object being framed but since the buckle has been altered anyway it is a good solution to your problem.

I once attached forty belt buckel in one frame but they were not altered. We used stainless steel wire through the mounting board for the attachment. It certainly was heavy and had to mount onto 1/4 plywood.

Jack Cee
An oval window, cut so that its inner dimensions
are slightly smaller than the outside of the buckle, can form part of the sink that Hanna
referred to and should keep the buckle safe.

Will a magnet stick to it? There are strong magnets called rare earth magnets available at Lee Valley Tools -- The magnet would be attached to the back of the backing board. Then you may need a very shallow sink mat to keep it from shifting.
Interesting that you should bring up belt buckles. Just yesterday we took in a job framing three prize buckles, awarded to a champion cutting-horse rider.

I like Framanista's suggestion of magnets, if it's ferrous metal. However, you'll need some added support to keep it from sliding off the magnets; maybe a slight sink mount.

Another mounting choice would be clear film straps. (Imagine that, coming from me...
) Two straps of about 1/4" width would provide plenty of support. Place them vertically at both ends of the buckle. Your slots through the mount board should be angled to help the straps conform to the buckle's shape. Instructions are in the archives.
I have used the following method to attach such articals that can't be glued safely.

Build a platform out of foam core for the buckel about a quarter inch smaller than the buckle. You may have to use 2 thinkness's to be deep enough for your 3/8 inch debth on the underside of the buckel.

Now attach the platform to your mats with wire, fishing line, or Attach-EZ. You can glue it down for extra reinforcement as well.

Then use 3M's Dual Lock. This can be attached to the platform at the same time as attaching the platform to the mat. Attach the looped side to the platform (it is very sticky, but for extra hold I would reinforce it by using fishing line, wire, etc).

Now attach the other half of the Dual Lock to the inside of the belt buckel. Dual Lock works like very strong velcro. You may want to use a small amount of silicone to hold the dual lock on to the buckel as well. In this way you can make the buckle look like it is floating without anything holding it in place.
I have framed about 140 large brooches and buckles for my wifes collection, all are held in place with velcro. With the flat back you could use self adhesive velcro.