mounting and laminating on metal

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Jun 2, 2005
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I have two customers that are interested in this. I have no experience in this arena. Does anyone have any good tips or info? What materials to use, etc.?
Originally posted by Baer Charlton:
Are Cibachrome photos?
If I am understanding the question, cibachrome is the process of printing used to make high quality photos from slides or transparencies. (You know I have been known to misunderstand postings before!) :D

Cibachrome prints (now Ilfochrome) are images processed directly from slides without a standard inter negative.

Their surface “feels” more like plastic than does a standard color print and is much more fragile, too. The edges may chip more easily.

A Cibachrome image usually have a much higher gloss than does a standard glossy photo print. But, the colors are usually much more vivid.

But it comes with a price. Trying to mount using heat will make the surface of a Cibachrome look like an orange peel. I have had good luck using PMA, but others prefer the “static mount” process which I have never used and about which I cannot comment.
Thanks, Bill. I guess I wasn't completely off in answering the question.
Way back in the dark ages (80's) we mounted and laminated Cibachromes (in the lustre finish) to aluminum sheets for the Amon Carter Museum. You need a roller mounter a la Seal or MacTac... check with a commercial photo lab.
One thing that must be considered, before a photo
is adhered to metal, is the fact that such a mounting will stop expansion and contraction of
the photo, and that could lead to physical stress
on the emulsion. Photos that lack a distinct
emulsion layer seem to do fine, when mounted thus.