Mounting a Vynil Record...


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Jul 20, 2005
Customer wants me a mound a vynil record in shadow box. What is the best way for me to mount the record to the matboard? Will ATG tape hold up?

Also.. I've never done a shadow box before. What is the best way to V-nail both sides of the frame while the glass is being held in the slot? Any suggestions?
Here are two prior threads on this subject:;f=1;t=004288;f=1;t=008516#000000

Concerning your second question:

Build the frame as normal, cut and install glass, fabricate spacers from foamcore of appropriate depth covered with matboard, install spacers, assemble and close as usual. When fabricating/installing spacers use a dab of PVA in addition to ATG to avoid unwanted release over time.
Here is what we did, we used a small stainless bolt through the spindle hole on the LP. We put 4 rubber bump-ons on the back of the LP (Conservation was not a concern, how much of a problem the bump-ons would really cause I'm not sure as they seem to be easily removed). The bump ons and proper tensioning on the bolt prevent it from spinning. We then capped the bolt, you can use a glued on mat cut-out or depending on the bolt (or screw) there are pre-made snap on caps available at your local hardware store. As for the LP cover and sleeves we used mylar corners, they are visible of course but it presents well and it is completely reversible.
Hope you didn't use the brown Bumpons. After work today I have to go to a client's house to clean melted Bumpon sludge off the walls behind about 10 pictures.

P.S.: Those designs are great! Nice work!
Very nice Boxer. I really liek the way you hid part of the record behind the photo of Greg Allman.
I keep reading about the infamous brown bump-ons. It reminds me of the announcement I heard on the Woodstock DVD. "Attention, Attention... please stay away from the Brown Acid... it's particulary bad and will **** you up". Maybe I'll hear it at the next PFM convention... "Attention, Attention... Please stay away from the Brown Bump-ons...

They were clear by the way.

Thanks for the comments.
I keep waiting for someone to come out with a seriously nasty horror story about the felt bumpons... :D

Psst! Walt, I think it's sliding back into the album cover....remember those? Great job Boxer
Great presentation boxer!!! Granted, I'm a basement framer but also an audiophile. NO bumpons Please. Use rag board spacers behind the LP. Really, there is a slim to no change someone would open this great framing job to try to play the LP, except a crazy audiophile/framer that has sent more on his stylus than his fletcher 2100. jeyden chopper and seal press to boot.
Wow--really nice!

I like the idea of the bolt through the hole! That's one of those "why the heck didn't I think of that" things!

CAUTION: Do not rely on ATG to support ANY weight. It will fail because it is not made for that purpose. It is made to stick things together where the bond will have no stress such as gravity.

The screw-through-the-hole mount works nicely for phono records, but I agree that Bump-Ons shouldn't be stuck to the record.

How about sticking the Bump-Ons to the backing instead? Their grabby vinyl surface would still serve the purpose. I've also used a rubber washer on the screw behind the record to keep it from accidentally rotating.

As I recall from a trade show last year, there is a screw-attached product made out of soft plastic -- something like earplugs -- that would compress just enough to fit the record's hole. There was also a version made to mount CDs.
Good call... bump ons to the backing would work just as well! For Cd's I use the actually piece that holds the CD in the case. I just pop it out and then carefully flare the tabs out to make a tighter hold. I then cut the piece down so it doesn't show around the edge of the cd and contact cement it to the mat. Works like a charm.