mounting a very fragile silk quilt!?!?!


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May 12, 2005
Hello..If anyone has any tips on mounting a 72x72 antique silk quilt...we would be very grateful. This huge quilt is very uneven all the way around and parts of the silk are starting to deteriorate. the backing is also very loose. any advice on mounting? pins? velcro? what is the best way to attach? is acid free fcore okay to attach it to, or should i use muslin? thank you in advance!
Exposure to 220 hours of sunlight takes away half
the strength of silk. Silk items should not be left in frames, if they have any value at all. It
should be wrapped in good quality tissue and should be stored in the dark. When silk has been
in the sun too long, it shatters and falls to bits. The acrylic sheet needed for framing such
a large item, will have a static potential which
will further threaten the fibers. This is just the
sort of job that should be left alone.

I agree completely with preservator. But if the client must frame it and you can't talk them out of it make sure they give it a rest every once in a while by taking it off the wall. Also make sure that you use the highest UV filtering available.

As far as mounting the fabric. I would sew it down to a backing fabric first to help stabalize it then attach the backing fabric to your backing. Make sure it gets as much support as possible.
is this an apropriate use of jim's mesh covering?
On something like this, I always go with my heart....

If it's absolutely beautiful and should be seen by the public....

Take it to a Giclee maker, lay it out take one last good photo with the last exposure to light.

THEN FOLLOW THE EXPERTS ADVICE AND CAREFULLY PUT IT AWAY. Or you can send it to Hugh c/o the Smithsonian and let them take care of it.

Then you can make as many Giclees as you want, it doesn't matter how you mount them....

Sorry, if I'm a little short, I got cut off by a &$$^&*&&**(%#_) SUV and my foot hurts.