Mounting a Stetson


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Nov 19, 2003
Orange County, CA
I need to mount a Stetson in an acrylic box. The hat has been signed (by Larry Hagman ... he wore this hat on the set of "Dallas"). The signature is fairly deep inside the hat, well above the hat band.

Does anyone have suggestions on the best way to hold the hat ... probably at an angle ... so that the signature can just be glimpsed when on display? The owner envisages that guests will want to pick up the acrylic box so that they can better view the signature. Therefore the hat needs to be secure enough that it does not move when the entire box is picked up.

I appreciate any suggestions.

Call Lois at Superior - I bet she could fabricate some sort of clear lucite holder to accomplish your task. The folks at Superior are miracle workers!!!
How about an acrylic "hat band" that fits around the hat with 4 "pegs" (imagine this -0- with a peg out from the top and bottom) which attaches to the sides of a square acrylic box. That way you could turn the hat any direction.

Yep, I bet Lois could construct this gizmo.

Yes, Superior Lois.
She did a ring thingie for a ball cap for me about 12 years ago. It allowed you to view the ball cap all around, but if you turned the toggles and lifted the top, you could wear the cap... and get it even more sweaty...

You can see the ball cap by renting the African Queen....

Go ask Lois... she's just down/up the street from you. and when OR, NY, TN and AL tell you to go see someone in your back yard......