Mounting a record album cover


May 26, 2004
Brandon, MS
Brown’s Framing & Fine Art
I'm getting frustrated. I've created a wonderful layout for a Van Halen record album cover & lots of memoribilia (including a small bottle of whiskey). The customer has returned it twice now because the photo corners I am using keep slipping. I've tried extra adhesive, but it didn't help. Any ideas how I can float mount the cover without harming it?

I'm about ready to just glue it down!!!
We have done plenty of album covers. Between the top mat and backer mat we lock the cover into position by blocking it into place using enough mat strips to meet the thickness of the album cover. You know what I mean... less for a single LP than a double album. The album simply sits within the frame of mat strips and it's completely safe. We've never had one slip... if you need a better explantation message me.
Use an acrylic fold over. Slip one side into the cover, then you can go very aggresive on the back side(screws, epoxy etc...).
I have done many albums along these lines and have never failed by stitching them down with 2 strands of 8lb test monofilament laid out the same way as photo corners. Lay out the album in position, mark the corners with low tack tape or post-its, mark approx. 1/2" either direction of the corner in all four corners, remove cover leaving tape, using the marks complete a triangle that will take about 3/8" behind the album cover, at the tip of the triangle pre-position a stitch with a loop big enough to work the album into in all four corners, replace the album and weight it down so it will not move at all (I like about 6 thick phone books), pull the loops over the corners of the album and tie them off with reasonable tension working on diagonals. When you remove the weight, the album should be in place securely. Tip: if the actual record is in the cover be sure the open end of the inner slip is inside the cover, if there is no record put a piece of mat in the cover as a stiffener. If the monofilament is too shiny for the customer slip a business card behind it a gently buff with 0000 steel wool.
Originally posted by Baer Charlton:
Wrap the cover in mylar first then "glue it down".
Me, too. Use 3M #889 double-sided tape to hold the clear film wrap-flaps to one another (NOT the item), and pass the top & bottom flaps through horizontal slots in the mount board.