Mounting a metal 'sculpture'

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
A customer has a 'metal (copper) sculpture' that she want to have placed into a frame; no glazing.

By 'metal sculpture', this is one of those wall hangings, 2' x 3' - you see a lot of them in the southwest. This is an eagle - they use a flat piece of copper, but bend it in such a way that it has some dimension, but not statue-like.

I haven't seen it yet, but she said there is a 'long piece of wood behind it'. I don't know the weight of it - shouldn't be like lead though.

Any suggestions for the substrate? It is going over a fireplace. Would copper wire be the best mounting component?

I realize I am giving you the same limited information that I have, but want to give this some thought now.

As always, thanks MUCH!
I once framed a 2' x 3' nickel plated copper thing, which sounds much like what you described. It looked sort of like a large shield with interesting cutouts and came from Iran. I had a jeweler buddy braise four heavy copper wires (about the thickness of a wire coat hanger) on to the back. After I covered some thin plywood with a mat, I drilled holes into backing board and threaded the wires through and tied them off. As far as I know its still holding up.

If your sculpture has wood on it for mounting, then use it to bolt on to some luan or thin plywood covered with a nice suede mat.

Good luck.
perhaps that "piece of wood" attached to it is a cleat. if so you could fabricate a floatboard, and then attach a mating cleat to the platform by screwing it through the board---voila!!
if it isn't a cleat, but rather a reinforcement of some kind, you could maybe screw directly into it through the
good luck,
Thank you Scott and DZ for your time and efforts!! If I have any questions, once I see this object, I might contact you.

Scott - I agree, what you framed sounds exactly like what I'm describing.