Mounting a map


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Nov 19, 2003
Orange County, CA
Looking for suggestions as to how best to mount an old map (circa 1952) that measures about 55" x 53" ... the map is printed on paper with a canvas backing. Client has requested that it be framed without glazing, although this may be open to further discussion.

If it were smaller I would consider Fusion 4000, but the piece is bigger than will fit in the vacuum press so the optons appear to be subcontracting it out or perhaps using Yes Paste on Gatorfoam, but other ideas please.
Although Yes Paste is good, it takes a lot longer to dry...

I would roll Frank's Fabric Adhesive and keep working the mount for about 15 minuts.... or 5 if you're working in that hot Orange County heat. :D
Baer, I've seen the 'Frank's Fabric' name floating around for awhile. I'm thinking he might be one of your homies. Must have some good stuff to work with. Contact info, por favor. Thanks!
WOW! They had "Circas" way back then? :eek:

Thanks for covering my rep job so fast Andrew.

Frank? A homie? You would say that if you come to Las Vegas and meet his beautiful wife Amy.

And a joy to work with and for.. both of them.

And his birthday is 2 days after mine..... and THAT is why the Vegas show is NOT in October.
I suppose this is a stupid question, but why not just linen hinge? Much kinder for the next guy.

I'm not usually a fan of linen hinges, but in this case it will be attached to the fabric backing rather than the map paper.


If the customer wanted the piece glazed I would agree with the notion of linen hinges ... but she doesn't
Originally posted by Baer Charlton:

Frank? A homie? You would say that if you come to Las Vegas and meet his beautiful wife Amy.
"Homie" is a good thing, a friend, a brother, etc.

What could you have possibly thought it meant, hmmm?
Originally posted by snafu:
This is where my homemade vacuum bag comes in handy.
I could do the job with room to spare.
Would you post a picture of your vacuum/press? I need something quite affordable for fabric wrapping!
Why no glazing? If the map is worth framing, then it's probably worth glazing. I suggest acrylic. Too bad Museum Optium Acrylic is limited to 41" x 71".

If it hangs without glazing, don't worry too much about the mount. The map would probably be quite deteriorated from open-air contaminants & fading in a few years, anyway.
Couldn't agree more Jim, but sometimes the customer insists despite all advice!