Mounting a flag


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Nov 19, 2003
Orange County, CA
I have to duplicate a flag box ... the existing piece contains both a folded flag and a certificate ... the flag is mounted toward the top of the box, slightly overlapping the certificate, which is at bottom left ... the folded flag is set so that the apex of the triangle is near the bottom of the shadowbox

Now to my question ...

I am not sure how the existing flag has been mounted to its suede backing board, but I suspect it may have been sewn down. Is this appropriate for my duplicate, or should I use a Stabilitex wrap mount instead? Appreciate your thoughts and/or other recommendations.

I just finished a folded flag in a shadowbox with a photo matted below the flag and had great success putting several stitches hidden underneath the fold on each corner of the triangle.

I question the display though. I realize this is not what you are asking and you are duplicating an existing piece, but the apex of the triangle should always be pointed up and the highest point of the displayed items.

You may want to alert your customer to the proper flag etiquette. You may end up redoing the earlier piece also.

Dave Makielski
Thanks for the info Dave ... do you have any reference material that I can share with my client concerning the flag being pointed with the apex up? I did a Google search but cannot find anything about this particular etiquette.

Andrew, the etiquette is about how it is flown, or shown as if being flown (as in a window or on a wall).
Once folded, the only etiquette is that the stars are out (due to proper fold), and when presented to a wife or mother, the apex is pointed away from them. This is to symbolize an arrow pointing that their loved one came from them and went out to serve.

Striking the corner sounds kind of neat. When I was lazing away my days in boot camp, we "struck" many a "corner" on the middle of the grinder as we watched for submerines surfacing up through the asphalt.

Sewing is respectful, but Stabilitex sounds maybe a bit faster.

When I framed my display, I did a Google search and found a link that covered this, but I can't seem to find it now. Maybe another grumbler has a source.

If you think about it though, all folded flag cases have the apex up.

I called SpartaCraft, Inc and they agreed with both points. The apex should always be at the highest point.

I'll try to find my original source later when I get some time.

Dave Makielski
Sorry about the first one. Was interrupted.
Check with your local American Legion Post. They should have someone who knows the proper flag procedure. They may also have some booklets on correct procedures.
Sounds like a neat project. Good luck

Jill Hennes cpf
Omro Gallery
I agree with Dave on the orientation of the display. I remember reading it somewhere, and can't remember exactly where right now, but will keep looking for something that states the apex to the top.