mounting a Cibacrome


Jan 28, 2005
Salt Lake City Utah
Hey framers...just looking for a bit of input on how to mount a 16x20 cibacrome. I'm thinking that it's too heavy for a static-cling mount? Dry mounting scares me with cibacromes and I'd like for it to be as flat as possible, however, maybe the waves are just the nature of the beast? The hayaku (hinge mount) method doesn't work too great because the back surface of the photo is very smooth/slick and doesn't bond well with the adhesive. Should I just use corners or edge strips?

As always- thanks for your ideas!
Why are you afraid of the dry mount? I carry a photographer's work that is all cibachrome and he dry mounted all his work.
I send cibas (aren't they called ilfochromes now?) to the local blueprint house that mounts them with a roller laminator thingy.

A static mount will work, but it's not perfect. You will still have a bit of looseness with that.

I tried one once with heat (a tester print) and every bump and bulge showed up hideously on the surface of that ultra shiny print.

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