Mount charges since Attach-EZ

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
I'm amazed at the time saved mounting doily's since I started using the Attach-EZ. Sure beats tying little knots while standing on my head! ;)

As a result of the time saved, I feel as though I should lower my mounting charge for this procedure, however, I paid a pretty penny for this little gizmo!

So, as a point of reference, I'm curious what 'you all' charge to mount, let's say for example, a "Name Doily" size 20" x 10" with 42 outside points (ofcourse not all will require a 'stitch')....7 letters. Just the mounting charge.
Sherry, I can't see the problem here. You purchased the equipment,it makes the job easier,quicker and,if not better,then at least as good as the 'old method'. It's just the same as moulding saws or choppers,underpinners or mat cutters equipment etc etc etc
Why cut your prices.Please don't feel guilty.It's abusiness your in,not a hobby. I've only just found that out for myself after almost 40 years in framing. By all means enjoy your work and feel rightly proud of a good job welldone but,and there always is a but, someone has to pay the bills ,your bills. Good luck in the future.
I didnt lower my prices one penny. I dont think you should either. Good purchase!

Ive been thinking of the Attach-EZ system and I haven't been too sure as whether or not I should get it. Is it worth the money? What is securing the fabric? Is it plastic, or is it a thread of some sort?

BTW, I agree with the concensus thus far, I wouldn't be worried about lowering your prices.
My vote is don't change your prices! The customer isn't sitting in your back room watching you do it.

Allen: do a search, it should only take you a couple of weeks to read up on the Attach-EZ.
Do NOT lower your prices. If you have found a better quicker way to do something, you should reward yourself...this is part of your competitive edge. To always kick back your savings to the customer and increase your profit are mutually exclusive.

ps, I often adhere fabric to foamcore and float the art work ontop of that...I either use spray adhesive or the heat press(to attach the fab, not the art). Attach-EZ doesnt seem to be the best way when attaching one large piece of fabric as a backing wrap. Now that you have tried this thing, do you agree?
We bought the attach-ez from the first ad I saw
great time saver But We base all our pricing on time the shop spends preforming the work, so we
have two price levels one for hand work and one for attach-ez. both are based on the number of points of attachment.
We've kept the same "mounting" charge despite the fact that it is quicker and more efficient. What do customer's care <u>how</u> you do it as long as it gets done well?

And don't forget you've got to recoup the expense of the Attache-EZ system that you purchaised.
I think this is interesting.

In Decor's Pricing for Profit survey, they asked for two mat-cutting charges: one if you use a CMC and another if you don't.

I wonder if CMC users are charging LESS for mats since they are so much faster and easier or MORE 'cause we have to pay for the machine.

The same question applies here.

Years ago, I mounted a poster for my sister. She doesn't ask for much, so I did it for free. She asked what it would normally cost, 'cause she curious about this things. When I told her, she gasped and said, "But it took you five minutes!"

I responded, "And it required a $4,000 press."

She asked if I expected my customers to pay for that press and I told her that yes, that was my evil plan, but please don't tell anyone.

Our customers need to pay for the Attach-Ez and the CMC and the mounting press and all the other toys that make our jobs easier. Maybe not the FIRST customer, though.

BTW, my sister is in public relations, not retail.
The way I see it, I probably was not charging enough before to cover my time because the market would not bear it. Now I'm making some money. Things wear out and have to be replaced, the replacement money comes from somewhere. I alsmost forgot the price of the little poly t's. They are not cheap and if you need a rush and add in the postage your cost just went up.

You are absolutely correct...I was looking for a dollar figure for both hand sewn mounting vs. Attach EZ mounting.

What I'm learning is that some use the same pricing and some have two different prices. Interesting.

Thanks again Jerry!
i say for all of you that have labored for years and missed priced things many thankful you are now able to recoup those few that were a real pain in the keester. now we started to use the Tach-it, think that is the correct name. it has been around for over twenty years and costs less then the other brand. the attach ez is something like $150 for the two guns and all the do-hickies. i think you can use four size things. the tach-it is $80 for one gun three size do-hickies and works just as well.

allen, when you get a snappy new shirt and it has a price tag in the collar...that little plastic do-hicky is what holds it down. good for some stuff, but not for all
There has been a lot of misinformation out there about the cost of Attach-EZ that I would like to try to clear up.

Grumblers, you may want to check out the price on Attach-EZ Fine Fabric kits. The Fine Fabric kits are sold for around $60 from some of the Fletcher distributors. This kit is almost the same as what Tach-it is selling for $20 more. The difference is TI kits have included 1 extra needle and some 3/4" fasteners that are vertually useless with the small needles of the Fine Fabric hand tool. Those needles are not long enough to go through 3/4" of mat and foam board. A larger needle, that would do more damage, would be needed to use the 3/4" fasteners properly.

The only thing Tach-it has done is try to copy Attach-EZ Fine Fabric kits and are advertising that only one tool is needed to do everything. Their tool does not do everything. Anyone who has purchased the Attach-EZ Complete kit knows why you need 2 different hand tools to do everything.

Without the Microtach part of the Complete kit a framer would not be able to do doilies, flags, badges, and fabrics without the fasteners showing. The Microtach fasteners are so small that they can be attached from the front side and are vertually invisable to the eye. The color of the fasteners can also be changed to match any color of fabric artwork being mounted.

Most importantly, all the Attach-EZ kits come with a full set of instructions that provide lots of tips on how to adapt the tools, and fasteners to mounting fabric artwork. This is also something you won't get for the $20 more you will pay when you buy Tach-it. Buyer beware!
I would argue the fact that there has been alot of "misinformation out there" about the Attach-EZ. The 2 gun kit sells for from $149.95 to $169.95 depending on where you purchase it. I have read all the posts on your tool kit and have not seen any blatant "misinformation" posted, only questions from framers about the product, most of which have been fairly cleared up by other Grumblers who have actually used the product.

This "Fine Fabrics Kit" selling for $60.00 is news to me.

(Question #1 to which I am looking for an answer:)
Is it a new offering? I haven't seen it advertised anywhere as yet. My latest issue of Decor doesn't show it and I haven't received PFM yet so I can't talk to that magazine. I haven't received any literature in the mail about this kit.

(Question #2 to which I am looking for an answer:)
Are only selected Fletcher dealers offering this kit or is it openly available to the framing public?

(Question #3 to which I am looking for an answer:)
What is the part # of this kit and where can it be ordered?

Just curious.

Question # 4
What am I missing?

I bought a fine fabric gun from Avery for $12.70 and a Microtach gun from ebay for $9.00 (new - in package). I bought the fasteners for $14 from United. What's different about the Attach-ez?
The Fine Fabric kit has been available from the beginning and the kit numbers were included in the ads and catalogs. I'm pretty sure the reason that you haven't seen advertising about it lately is because new products have taken the ad space.

The FF kit has been offered by the East coast catalog companies all along and can be purchased from any of the Fletcher distributors. However, some distributors may not be keeping stock on hand because of lack of demand. The Microtach part of the Complete kit is such a time saver when using it on flags, doilies, badges, etc., that the Fine Fabric kits have just not been as popular.

You are well informed about the pricing, so you will know that, as is the case with the Complete Kit, you will find pricing on the FF kits varying as much as $10-$15. Some distributors will charge for freight and handling, and some won't. In the end it seems to equal out.

Almost all of the distributors offer show specials, but waiting for the shows can cost you more in time and labor then you are saving by purchasing the system when you need it.

The part # can vary by distributor, so the best thing to do is ask for the Attach-EZ Fine Fabric kit. The distributor will be able to give you their number. Fletcher's part # is 09-420.

I hope I have answered all your questions.

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I love my Attach-EZ, its like a new best friend. We charge .55 the UI, before EZ, and still after EZ. I agree the point above, the customer is not sitting in your shop so it really doesnt make a difference. I use my EZ on the name doilys and they work well on my jersey shadowboxes, sure beats the time of hand sewing those things in. The prices for the shadowboxes now is different we charge those by the hour at $25 an hour, with an hour minimum. So witht he time saved using the EZ the price is down a bit, but not much to worry about. But it does not make for good fabric wrapping, I still use the hand pinning on that.