Mount a photo to a jersey?


Cliff Wilson

A lady just brought a signed Bruin's Jersey in with a signed photo. She wants the phot mounted in the middle of the jersey under the insignia. I tried to talk her out of it, but she had her heart set, so of course I said "no problem."

My current thoughts are to mylar encapsulate the photo and mount it to a board. Then, sew a rag board to the front of the jersey. (might put a fillet around the photo. Didn't charge her for that, but I have some left over fillet and I'd like to experiment.)

Question is, How to mount the mounted phot to the mounted rag board? Seems like any adhesive in there has a high probability of widing up on the jersey?


I would make a Mat/Frame for the photo and put velcro on the mat and sew the oter half of the velcro to the jersey.
Rare earth magnets?
You can sew the jersy to the backing board, mount the photo with corner pockets to a sheet of acrylic, place the acrylic over the backing board with a spacer between and the letter floats over the jersey without ever touching it. Use another sheet of acrylic with another spacer over the photo.

Nona Powers, CPF
That's a great idea Nona. I once did a collection of paper dolls this way, 4 layers in all with the largest up front to give it some forced perspective.
I would have talked her out of mounting the photo on the jersey. Instead, I would suggest a cantelever mount, which allows about 3/4 of the photo to overlap the jersey.

For a typical 8x10 photo, about 2 square inches of the photo's backer board, glued to spacers off the main mount board, would be enough to support it. That is, a 1" glued stack of matboard strips, 1" x 2", could be glued to the mount board NEXT TO the jersey, and an edge of the photo's mount board could be glued to the stack. This mount allows good & solid support of the photo, without risking any harm to the fabric.
Jim, I have used that technique and that was what I was recommending. BUT, there is a stain right in the center of the jersey below the Big "B" Bruin's insignia. (blood I think. Gives it character.) She wants to cover the stain. There will be at least 6 inches of jersey all around the photo.

Nona, If I understand your suggestion, the spacers attached to the backing board would have to be off the jersey, right? Can't do.

Dave, I can see how to use the velcro idea. That could work.

Wally, I can see the mounting with magnets, but would the metal magnets damage/stain the jersey over time? Even wrapped, I am uncertain?

Thanks all!!!!
No Cliff,
Think of it as layers the spacers would be at the edge of the frame. The jersey on the back layer, then a solid sheet of plex, mount the photo on the plex then the final layer to protect the photo.


Clear as mud
I like Dave's idea. Here's what I had in mind before I read it:

Using photo corners, mount the picture to a piece of mat board at least an inch bigger on all sides.

Sew the mat board through the jersey to the backing.

Cut a window opening mat in a co-ordinating color, bevel the outside edges of the mat to give it a finished look.

Attach this to the board backing the photo to cover the stitching.

It never hurts to have a back up plan.