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Jun 13, 2002
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Does anyone know of a line of moulding that offers moulding with leather accents as part of the frame?

I have a very upscale customer that is looking for this in a merlot/dark cherry/mahoghany combo... and it is for a 24" sq. beveled mirror.

Any direction would be appreciated!!

Thanks and Happy Grumbling New Year!


Presto has a line of "leather-look" mouldings with black or blue/gray accents.

If you take the Presto #550 1 1/4" as an inside moulding and stack Larson's #421352 Dark Cherry Barrington on the outside, the Black is covered and the leather w/gold lip makes a nice accent. Might work for you??


You might look at Valley Mouldings 74355-bk/gld

I also used this by stacking it.

It looks really sharp and the customer just loved it. (they wanted a leather look) Looks like leather to me?

There is a company out of Lima, Peru named MerSouth (?). They are on the lines of Regence Frames. They do 2, 4, 6, and 8 inch wide frames that are joined than hand tooled after the leather is applied. They are quite nice, however they are difficult to sell. The folks love them just are not buying them right now.

If you wish I can get their number on Thursday and all the other info. Let me know if this interests you.

I have a sample from Animaux that people frequently pick up and ask, "Is this real leather?" It is not. They have made some remarkable custom pieces for me in the past.

In addition to their leather-like finishes they offer some mahogany, and also padauk. They could probably match your client's specifications pretty closely. It depends on the budget for this particular mirror.

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If you're still looking I can get you the name of someone that has a beautiful line of leather frames
Hoot99 - I still haven't finished my search - so I would appreciate it! Thanx, Roz
Thomas Secson
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Chicago,IL 60626
fAX: (773) 381-9084

very high line hand-made