Moulding used by Princess Cruise Lines?

Pelican Art

Feb 13, 2004
Petaluma, CA

I've got a customer who purchased a framed print "By the Sea" by Lucille Raad on a Princess Cruise. She since bought a second print that was NOT framed and wants us to match the moulding. I do not recognize the moulding. It's profile is rounded in a swan-like fashion, is 1" tall & 1.375" wide with a curved step on the front and 3 curved steps on the back.

The real distinctive feature is the finish. It's a gold finish with red streaking (like Larson's Sierra line) but is finished with very fine black spattering.

If you recognize this moulding (used by whoever frames for Princess Cruise Lines), I would be grateful to know who supplies it.

Princess and Parkwest actually compete with each other. Parkwest does operates on land, RCL, Celebrity and several other cruise lines. Princess operates on Carnival and their own line. You can get in touch with the Princess art operation via Carnival, although, they are not very bright. They will tell you they use acid free matting, they don't. They will tell you they use low UV plexi, which is no more low UV than standard plexi.

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They will tell you they use acid free matting, they don't.
Au Contrare, Barry (and thanks, Jim Miller. That sounds so much nicer than, "You're full of it.")

EVERYBODY uses acid-free mats. It's pretty-much all you can buy. You can't hardly throw a dead cat without hitting an acid-free mat.

I guess the reason I'm such a terminology Evangelist is because we can't expect Princess Cruise Lines to understand the distinction between "acid-free" and "alpha-cellulose" if we use the terms interchangeably ourselves.
Sorry for the Frankenthread, but I need to caution Ron about a citizen of Wisconsin mentioning dead cats these days.

Pat :D
'Sokay, Barry. We all do it. I wasn't picking on you in particular.

Everybody knows I wake up cranky and get worse as the day goes on.

Pat, I considered that cat thing and decided to boldly forge ahead regardless.

I spend all day on the phone measuring my words carefully. I rarely mention dead cats when talking about insurance.