Moulding sales rep at 4:50Friday


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Jun 13, 2002
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What do you say!??

This guy walks in at approx. 4:50. It's Friday. He did not have an appt. He hadn't even called earlier to say he'd stop by. AND.... he had major alcohol breath. In fact, the store still is reeking with it.

What would you do?


PS I wasn't very welcoming - to say the least.
How about calling the company he "represents" and describe what happened as you did here.

I'm sure they don't know about this and would appreciate knowing about it.
Originally posted by wcox:
Was he the Lamarche rep?
Originally posted by wcox:
Was he the Lamarche rep?
I'd place a call to his boss...hopefully he doesn't harm someone on the road tonight!
Was he the Lamarche rep?

Wow!! I hadn't thought of that!! That would explain the drunk part! Imagine... this poor guy is traveling all over the country and way, way far from home, he discovers the company he is working so hard for is suddenly no longer there, leaving him to wander aimlessly thruout the countryside with no purpose left in his life.

"I'm not a monster!!" He cries. "I'm a human just like you!!" "For the love of God... have pity on me!"

Then, just as he had appeared in your door, he wanders off to find that last shred of human compassion that will allow him to once again have a reason to live.

This is so tragic!!
I live in a Casino town. What would I do? I would mention it to him first..."Whew, someone buy you a few on your way in??" I don't have a problem with that at all. Then I would offer to call a taxi for him and suggest he get a room. I don't have a problem with that either. He declines and leaves? I'd call 911 with his license #. Then his boss. What I do have a problem with is letting him leave and then get behind the wheel of a car, and maybe kill my grandchild or yours on the road.
Sorry, very strong feelings about this. No excuse. Period.
My ex-LaMarche rep did show up at 4:50 on this last Friday, but he hadn't been tippling....yet.
This is essentially drinking on the job and shouldn't be tollerated. What if you had customers in your shop when he showed up?
Val, I'm with you - No excuse, period!

Even if it's the first time, I wouldn't want to be the first DUI victim, nor would I like anyone to be the first. Git 'em off the road!!

Definitely notify the employer.
No excuse for the drinking. Amen. And we all know how much I like my back bar HERE AT HOME.

I was just starting my second drink on evening when my mother-in-law needed to go to the hospital. I rushed right across the street and got our neighbor to drive us. I drink - I only drive the computer or TV.

As for 4:30 the only excuse is if he's asking if you could use his CPF skills on Saturday, as it's a NON-Rep day and it's coming into Christmas.

When I was just repping in 1988-89, I loved working in different shops each day, helping with the crunch. Those 12-16 hour days fed my soul.
Baer are you saying you were a rep and wnet into shops before christmas to help customers frame? Or you worked at several shops and no repping? Sorry lost me there.

PL, sorry. Didn't mean to lose you. Try to keep up next time. :D

I was a "Company" Rep on salery for Nurre Caxton. So I was NOT allowed to work for anyone else.

So at Christmas, I went around to different shops that I knew were snowed, and worked for free as a thank you. [actually it was very selfish. I was getting the joy of framing in all those different shops, and learning about doing things different. My thanks to a framers in San Francisco that taught me how to do Insert Mats. I taught them the next spring how to do them in fabric wrap. :D ]
treeves, some people call them "inlay" mats.

it provides a thin panel of a different mat or three.

Unique has a very different way of laying strips in pinwheel fashion. The little perverts could lay a tri-color insert on a 32x40 mat in about as many minutes. Some tri-colors they had made up and bonded already. Very cool.