Moulding match challenge! Need Help!


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Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
I have a good customer who had a portrait done 2 1/2 years ago at "M's" and brought it to me so I could use the same moulding...

It is so close but not exactly the same color as Larson 604603 Kensington Genuine Mahoghany... It is exactly that size and shape but the coloration is a tad more red than Larson's. The back of the frame doesn't have any L numbers on it and was "stained" a little different as well.

Now, I do have all the M numbers but they don't indicate a moulding number.

I cannot find an equivalent in any of my lines... any ideas!?!

Your help is appreciated!

It could even be the L-J Kensington - just from a different tree.

It's important to advise our customers that even the same moulding from the same manufacturer is probably not going to match a few years later.

But you already knew that.
Ron... I like that - a different tree!! A more colorful way of saying a different run or batch.

Jerry - I don't have a picture to post - it is on the L-J site...

Decor has a similar one but the grain runs the long way as opposed to perpendicular to the length like L-J's.

I'm continuing my investigative work (with your help, of course!)..


Try Presto 1573 - it is virtually identical to LJ 604603 with slight difference in finish and the inner black trim. Presto mouldings are available from a variety of distributors. Forest Gallery (NJ 1-800-334-0477) carries it as P1573.

Pat :D