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Question moulding durability

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Aug 15, 2020
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Hello all! I have a funeral director looking for frames to showcase photos of his customers for viewing. Since these are frames that travel around and get used & re-used, what material is the most durable or at least resistant to showing much wear? Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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May 19, 2000
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Aluminum sectional frames are most durable, and easy to open using a common screwdriver. Also, Designer Moulding offers (or used to) a hinge assembly for standard-profile aluminum sectional frames. If you can get some of those, the frames could be opened without tools.

Some wood mouldings are more durable than others. So, if you want to use wood moulding, I suggest getting stained/varnished hardwood, such as ash or oak, and avoid gesso-covered or painted finishes. For fitting, use turnbuttons. To stand on a table, use EaselMates, which are steel tongues that attach to the bottom rail of the frame (either wood or aluminum).

For glazing, I suggest using 99% UV filtering acrylic and not glass. If scratching the acrylic would be an issue, use Museum Optium Acrylic.

For replacing photos, I suggest using a PPFA Class II (Conservation grade) window mat with a Platform Mount, which enables the user to install/remove/replace a photo/document in a convenient edge-supporting mount with no adhesives. For more on this, search the Grumble archives for "Platform Mount". If you contact me directly, I can send you illustrated instructions and colorful drawings by email attachment.
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