Moulding & Chopper blade survey

How do you buy moulding? (multiple answers OK)

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Moulding Survey - Jan '06 GRUMBLE POLL & DISCUSSION

RESULTS from previous surveys: LINK TO RESULTS

How do you buy moulding?
How do you cut moulding?
Hollow Ground or Flat Ground?

I hope everyone will jump in to share their experience and buying advantages.

-This survey is intended for framers.
-Your poll selections are anonymous, although discussion is public and encouraged.
-The results represent only a small sample of the industry, and should NOT be used as a planning tool or business plan.
-This survey is purely for entertainment and discussion.
Mike, it would have been interesting with one more set of questions.

If you chose Hollow ground, it that because it's the only method be offered you?

Which would you prefer HG or FG?

I think most know where my preferences lie... flat.
Hopefully folks will discuss that here.

We tried both. First we did flat for 2 1/2 years. When we switched to hollow, the quality of the product greatly improved as did the blade life/time between sharpenings.

A lot of it may also depend on the quality of the sharpening/vendor. For flat, we used a local sharpening place. For hollow, we send em out to Tech Mark.

Now that we have a saw, the chopper only gets used for Fillets and an occassional clean up.

Another question may have been if folks use a single or dual mitre saw. Ours is a single blade Phaedra system with a Dewalt 12" blade.

Thanks for participating and for the comments!
I think the flat grind hollow grind thing is like the opinions of attornies. If there are 10 attorines you will have 20 opinions. :D

As far as the firm that grinds my blades. It is a 6 generation grinding company (since 1870) tht started out as a file making company. They service many industrial areas, auto tooling, paper, framing, etc. They can hollow grind as well as flat grind.

This question was asked of the owner many years ago by myself and his response was that the arc of the hollow grind was minimal. Considering the angle and stock thickiness of the chopper blade the flat grind is acceptable due to the abraseiveness of the compo vs blade life.

Anyone need a 20' shear sharpened, slitters, matched and balanced circular saw blades or zambonie?
Originally posted by JFeig:
I think the flat grind hollow grind thing is like the opinions of attornies. If there are 10 attorines you will have 20 opinions. :D ....

I totally agree, as I got the same response to the identical question when posed to Agnar and Tove Pederson, owners of Morso Choppers. I've shared this in previous postings to TG & HH over the years.

I think the general quality of grinding will have more impact than a hollow-grind Vs. flat grind. :D

Hello Robert

You may want to post that on the FOR SALE forum as well. I recently posted a spare underpinner there and had several emails. It was picked up last week, in fact.

Best regards
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We have a guy in town that sharpens anything so I take my blades to him. He is very old and after he quits, I'm not sure what we will do.

I have no idea what you are talking about when you say "Flat or Hollow Ground"
Any enlightenment would be appreciated.

Thank you,

I just wish that the section asking how we buy mouldings had allowed for mulitple answers. I think a well-rounded shop should be buying a combination, all the way from box mouldings to chop and joins.

Box moulding can be dirt cheap, just be darned sure it's something that will sell in your store. Don't just go on "Oh this is pretty, let's buy 500 feet!"

On a lot of small frames it just makes more sense to get chops. Sure you pay more per foot, but you're not paying for more moulding than you need.

Length makes the most sense for most of us most of the time.

That big honkin' 48x72 4-inch wide thing? If the vendor charges a flat fee for joining and you don't have to pay for shipping, let them have the hassle of dealing with that monster.

As in most of life, ther's never just one correct answer.
Hi FramerDave

That question did allow multiple answers.

I am new to being ablt to chop and join the frame. I always worked in a bigger retail type environment. I don't know what the difference between a "chopper" and a "Saw" is I have a Prisma Maxi which catagory does that fall in?
The results are in. Any comments?

How do you buy moulding? (multiple answers OK)
85% Length
64% Chopped
42% Box
33% Bundle
20% Closeout
18% Chopped & Joined
17% Straight Cut
04% None/Does Not Apply
02% Truckload (20+ boxes/custom discount)
01% Container/Direct from overseas
01% Other (please see thread)

Which of the following apply? (multiple answers OK)
65% We use a saw
61% We buy chops
59% We use a chopper
16% We buy frames pre-chopped & joined
04% None/Does Not Apply

Which is your PRIMARY method? (one answer)
43% We use a saw
32% We use a chopper
18% We buy chops
04% None/Does Not Apply
03% We buy frames pre-chopped & joined

If you have a chopper, how do you have the knives/blades sharpened?
39% Hollow Ground
30% Flat Ground
28% I dont know!
03% Other (please see thread)