Morso Trouble


Jul 7, 2004

Need help with minor problem with my Morso Guillotine.

When I cut moulding and go to do the final shave I am finding that the blades are tearing the very end of the moulding on the right hand side about 2-3 mm from the bottom.

I have played with the blades and it has corrected it a bit but Im still not happy with the result. I am after a clean perfect cut.

Any ideas what the problem is and a remidy if you have one.

Thanks in advance

This is easily solved, the blades can be moved forwards into the groove between the two fences by adjusting a lock-nut underneath the table.

A picture paints a thousand words and I am now at home until Monday morning (UK), but if you have no luck by then I can email you photos of the location of this nut. From memory though it is where the handle that moves the blades back and fore pivots. You should see a latge nut and a flatter one behind it, unlock the large one, adjust the flat one (minutely) don't remember if clockwise or anti clockwise - trial and error.

Good luck

I would also check the adjustment for blade height at its lowered position. If your blades have been sharpened a number of times they may have lost enough height so that the very point where the two blades come together is not travelling past the measuring table even when the pedal is all the way to the floor. You can adjust for this to make sure the blades are cutting clear through past the bottom of the moulding. Hope my description makes sense.
:cool: Rick