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For Sale: Morso F with 2 sets backup blades - $650.00


Grumbler in Training
Jul 15, 2009
Morso F, very nice condition, not abused. In Atlanta, Georgia. I acquired it as part of a deal to get a new (old school) mat cutter as mine was getting wobbly....and just want to move it as I do not need it. Even if you have a saw, these are invaluable for linen liners and fillets! And of course cuts perfect 45's with no saw dust! 2 sets of sharp blades and 1 set needing sharpening. In Atlanta, Georgia. You can call and I will send pics. Bill, Four 0 Four, 606-One Zero 94. Has measuring extension and support on right, plexiglass guards in front of blades as expected.
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