Morso F - Widest Moulding?


Apr 22, 2005
Los Angeles
What is the widest moulding you can cut on a Morso? By wide, I mean the border around a picture if looking at it on the wall, not the height. Thanks!
Widest, I have cut a 5 1/2" moulding, but I had to take the rabbet supports off. Filled the rabbet with a thin shim board so as not to trash it while chopping!

Tallest was a 3" reverse scoop. Had to monkey with the blade height while doing it to keep it from "crimping" the gold finish.

Longest was a 9' float frame. Had to use a double measuring trick to get teh proper length.

Do any of these answer your question?
4 15/16" without jumping through any hoops.
5 17/32" if you have the time and extra moulding.

Order chop.
I'd love to see your choppers.The absolute maximum I could possibly imagine, with lots of trouble, is about 4-5/8. And that would be if it tapered to a point at the inside edge. According to Morso, the maximum is 4".

Because the knives are on an angle, the maximum width does depend on the height as it falls along the angle of the knives (about 45°). So, if the moulding was a square, the maximum width might be as little as about 2-1/2.

The wide one I was able to chop was tall at the back and ~1 1/4" at the lip. I was able to get extra height by lifting up on the blade "unit" while bringing each successive "bite" in. It was a real PITA and if I had to do it again I definitely would use a chop saw!

But you make do with what you have, and make what you do what you need!
If you remove the foot pedal limiter you can gain an extra 1" or so of vertical. I Bought a 14 Pistorious about 5 years ago and now only use the morso for fillets.