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Morso Equipment


Grumbler in Training
Apr 15, 2020
Allow me to introduce myself as the 4th generation of the Morso company in Denmark. Name is Claus Pedersen. I have really enjoyed reading all this correspondance about our machines and Morso's as old as they were made by my grandfather. And you can still get the original parts for these machines.

I will not use this forum to say pro or against saws / versus choppers. I think you can all imagine what I feel...:). I will just mention that today we have supplied more than 81.000 Morso's also automatic electric versions . Essential to all our machines no matter age is :

keep the blades sharp and fit them properly to the machine. No gaps allowed!:)

make sure blades are hollow ground!

The distance between the upper blades and bottom blades has to be that close that you can even cut a thin piece of paper.

We see many incidents when we get machines in for service that the blades are not hollow ground, they do not level up in the front where they are supposed to meet and the distance between the blades and bottom blades is far too much. When you have these three main settings correct, you will get a nice beautiful cut - ALSO with some of the mouldings you would not have thought could be cut on your Morso.

Thanks to all of you for your support and stay safe in these times.
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