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Morso chopper question


Grumbler in Training
Oct 30, 2019
I found an old thread on here about adjusting the fences properly. Everything from using a straight edge to measuring each fence independently. Heres my confusion.
I tried a straight edge, and got poor results.
The blades are sharpened correctly.
When I take my moulding and cut it on each side of of the fence Ive adjusted them so my angle on each side of the moulding reads a perfect 45 degree angle after my cuts
So all four pieces have perfect 45 degree angles on both ends according to a digital and fixed angle finder.
Why then when I put them down flat I have a horrible gap on the 4th corner? It looks as if 1/4" of the 4th piece is missing thats how bad the gap is.

This is a used chopper I picked up and cleaned to a shine. The head is secure and Ive even put emory paper on the left side to hold the pieces.

My brain works as if all four pieces have perfect 45s, then why wont it match up?

I took the one comment in the old thread by Picture Framing God and made a frame with all same lengths then moved the left fence up or down and kept repeating until the gap closed in...but in doing that...the digital read out says 44.8 on the left side once it was complete.

I do hope Im making sense, but can anyone explain what is happening? And yes my mouldings are a perfect 180 straight line. And I do make my own mouldings.


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Nov 7, 2005
Can you post photo of the gap?
Is the emery paper affecting your angle?
Are you cutting hardwood or softwood?

I'm stuck here.


Grumbler in Training
Oct 30, 2019
The emory paper is not..i added it later and got the
same result. No pics for now. The one guy chimed back in the old thread and said its just how wood is since it moves, and that digital readers are not accurate for framing. So thats why I posted it here to get as much feedback as possible


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Sep 22, 2009
Cut a frame with all angles reading 45 degrees, and then join all corners. How do the corners look?
Cut a frame with one angle reading 44.8 degrees, and then join all corners. How do the corners look?
If one looks perfect, use that adjustment.
The digital reader may not be perfect.

I've never calibrated a Chopper, but I have calibrated angles on other saws.
The method you followed is a standard method for getting a good 45 degree angle.



SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Jul 16, 2007
Cut four equal lengths of scrap. Doesn't even have to be moulding. Any flat timber, but wider the better.
Miter the ends. Assemble 'dry' and look for gaps. Gaps on the inside? Move the left fence toward you a
spider's eyelash. Recut the four buts slightly smaller. Check again. The gaps will either disappear or diminish.
If the latter case, move the fence another spider's eyebrow. Repeat until all is snug. The ideal is to have the last
two faces just slightly apart, so when you push them together when joining all the corners get a slight squeeze
the better for the glue bond. If you tweak the fence and start getting a gap on the outside, then you have gone
too far and need to back off a bit. As the blades dull you might need to adjust again, but if you get to that point
they probably need swapping. 😉
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